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"Higher, higher!"

Hard to believe it’s been a year since I made this. It was from an old black and white Band-Aid commercial that used this effect when the kids were injured while playing. I put the color bands on and posted it. 

The cool part of this wasn’t just the notes, but that Dain Fagerholm (one of my favorite tumblr artists) contacted me to point out that this is a visual example of multiplexing

I could stare at this forever.


“I remember being shocked one day when John started worrying about how people would remember him when he was gone. It was an incredibly vulnerable thing for him to come out with. I said to him then, ‘They’ll remember you as a fucking genius because that’s what you are. But you won’t give a shit because you’ll be up there flying across the universe.”

- Paul McCartney

Damn… you like to see me crying :(

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